The Wedding

We got married on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 in the Salt Lake City Utah temple.

Why didn't I hear about this before?

We planned the whole wedding in six weeks, finding a venue was tricky, and invitations were slow. As if things needed more complication, the company we used for invitations messed up our order. We apologize profusely for all those who didn't get invited. We keep thinking of people we left out and feel horrible. We love you all and wish we could have seen everyone.

Music and Dancing

Music was by the amazing New Deal Swing band, led by Tad Calcara, the principal clarinetist for the Utah Symphony. Vocals were by Melissa Pace Tanner. Thanks to everyone who danced, and for those who just watched!

Wedding Design

Decorative elements and wedding planning by artist and designer Jonnie Hartman.


Wedding photography by the lovely and talented Joshua Brown.

Engagement photos by Heather Tullis Howard.

Bridals by Emily Brown Wallace.